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KUSANAGI gives the benefits for your business website

KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition is recommended for those who want to build WordPress right away in business, and want to improve the speed of web site security and speed improvement.

Easy way to seed up WordPress website

KUSANAGI Business Edition is capable of delivering speeds 10 – 15 times faster than the standard LAM stack, without page caching. Speed-tuning and newest middleware enable high performance WordPress from get-go.

Display speed when switching to KUSANAGI

Be a secure website with KUSANAGI

WordPress Update

KUSANAGI has a function to set automatic update from the WordPress management screen, and you can use the following.

  • Enable / disable automatic updating
  • Automatic plug-in update function
  • Automatic theme updating function
  • WordPress core automatic update function
  • Automatic update schedule function

Linux Security

KUSANAGI has a function to set automatic update from the WordPress management screen, and you can use the following.

  • WAF
  • SELinux対応
  • TLS1.3
  • TLS1.1 and older disabled
  • The Vuls vulnerability scanner

Effective user experience

A high user experience that earns by speeding up access to Website.

Make business opportunities

WordPress can be installed from the browser when KUSANAGI start for the first time. You don’t need to access the Linux screen and configure it.
Enterprise users will be able to organize the operating environment of the Web system at the fastest possible speed and will not miss business opportunities.

Business Edition fulfills business users’ sophisticated needs by guaranteeing the fastest updates of new features.

Get KUSANAGI environment

Try KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition

The growth graph with KUSANAGI

Trends in the number of KUSANAGI units in operation.

Customer’s voice

"We are very thankful for being able to use an execution environment like KUSANAGI for AWS, and to completely outsource the management of our website."

"With KUSANAGI, page transitions on the dashboard became much faster, as did uploading images. I am very happy about this because it makes my job easier."


Japan Times Co., Ltd.

Website : The Japan Times

What was the problems?

  • Unable to respond to issues on nights and weekends, because their maintenance company only offered service during business hours.
  • Fees shot up after increasing server count to handle traffic increases.

What’s improved?

  • Set up 24/7/365 maintenance system, and the website started running stably.
  • Cut server and maintenance fees down to 2/3.

Mediagene Inc.

Website : DIGIDAY

What was the problems?

  • Needed an infrastructure built to handle high traffic.
  • Development time limit was very short.
  • Needed developers who could understand foreign WordPress templates.

What’s improved?

  • An extremely fast WordPress environment was created in a short time
  • Resolved the performance issues associated with heavy traffic.
  • Tuning and new technology available even after launch.

Get KUSANAGI environment

Try KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition

Premium Managed Service

  • “We want to concentrate on Web site content, Web utilization, Web marketing”
  • “We want to entrust as much as possible of the server operation externally”

The “KUSANAGI managed plan” was born from customer’s request. This is a managed type cloud integration service where we manage operation of WordPress sites and servers including KUSANAGI’s cloud hosting.

KUSANAGI managed plan

Setting for KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition

Installation KUSANAGI for AWS Business Edition

1. How to apply patch

1-1. Using an SSH client or an other terminal software, log in to your virtual machine.

The host name is your Public DNS or Public IP. The account is “centos”, and the authentication type is “Public key”. In “Key file”, please upload your key pair that was downloaded earlier.

1-2. Enter the following to switch to the root user.

$ sudo su -

1-3. Download file.

# wget

1-4. Change permission.

# chmod 755

1-5. Execute the .sh file

# ./

1-6. Enter the hostname (FQDN)

# kusanagi setting --fqdn [FQDN]

1-6. Delete .sh file.

# rm

2. Let’s Encypt(SSL)setting

2-1. Type in your email address here to affirm you agree to use Let’s Encrypt.

# kusanagi ssl --email [email address] --https redirect

kusanagi command document

2-2. Reload nginxの再読込を実行します。

# systemctl reload nginx

3. When the translation file can not be updated.

3-1. Enter the following to switch to the kusanagi user.

# su - kusanagi

3-2. Go to the languages folder.

$ cd kusanagi_html/DocumentRoot/wp-content/languages/

3-3.Create plugins and themes folders.

$ mkdir plugins
$ mkdir themes


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